Since 2003 OneStop Life Centre has planted three churches in India. We presently support six full-time pastors and an apostle (in India) - refer to 'Leadership' for further details.

In the spring of 1998 while our pastor was in an all night prayer meeting, the Lord said to him that we would have a baby in five years and that we were to prepare for its birth. A team of Intercessors was raised up. For months they fasted and prayed over a large map of the '10/40 Window', seeking God for the place and the people group from which our church plant would be born.

In time the Lord revealed to them that India was the place and that our church plant would be amongst the 'Chamar' people group. In the fall of 2002 while Pastor Frank Juelich (PAOC Missionary to India) was visiting our church all the details fell into place and within weeks our first church plant was born. Our second came in 2007 and our third in 2010.