One of the main things in society today is EVERYONE is seeking a better tomorrow.

With todays society having many negatives within every age group, it is important that ALL people

know that they have what it takes to change the outcome of their downfall.

Th word of God says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. This is creating the path we

walk. Many people think the bible only means something to holy rollers and fanatics but if heeded can

bring a new reality into our lives. 

We need to ask ourselves some questions before we throw in the towel. 

1) Am I willing to change? If You desire a better outcome, are you willing to change anything to

make it happen? 

A lot of people become very content in the negativity that they live in. It becomes a comfort zone from which to operate. I call it CRISIS motivated. More comfortable in KAOS than in peace.

2) Do I fear the change to make it better?  
Change is always leaving something behind and picking up something positive for the future. For instance addictions, anger, inferiority, denial, control. None of these character traits are helpful, useful or healthy. 

We have to know that in any of these situations, if we follow the bibles answers we will see victory. 

We need to change our belief systems from an "I CAN'T TO AN I CAN". Unfrotunately it takes awhile but without beginning, it will take forwever. Don't let people confuse your new confidence with pride and don't worry about failing once in awhile. Its all part of advancement.

If you are reading this blog and have not accepted Christ it is not to late regardless of age or past.


Its as simple as: " Jesus please forgive me for my sins! I know i have done some stuff to hurt myself and others but if you forgive me its gone. Please be my Lord and savior" 

If you have just said that tell someone who will support you in your new life.