Life is a journey that we are all on.

I think the worst thing in life is to journey by ourselves. There is a reason there are people we relate to and can trust.

Never think there is no one to understand what we are going through.

My journey began when I was aprox 25 years old and is still in process at 59 years old.

If it wasnt for the love of Christ and his people I would not be writing a statement to encourage others.

I wasted days, weeks and years trying to do it on my own.I had my own idea of wat would make me a success in life and it was viewed by others that I was going to make it.

Hard work , houses , cars , quads , sleds. all amazing blessings in anyones life but with all that there was an emptiness within and I had to fill the gaping hole in me.

I realized day by day I was not the answer to my issues but a relationship with Christ and his people were my ONLY answer.

If you are feeling like this give Christ a chance to bless you and fill you with joy and peace.

There will still be ups and downs but at least a lot less of them and more clarity t deal with them.

Pastor Art