Happy New Years Church.

As we enter into the new year we are so blessed to be part of a church that
Is a chosen group of Christ
Is a group who serves the LORD.
Is a group who loves others
Is a group who loves to serve OTHERS
Is a group who evangelizes OUR region
As we walk into next year we must hold tight to the vision and listen for Christ voice.
It will be a year that we need to prioritize each day with what JESUS has called us to even if it's tough.
It's to easy to do the easy and not the tough but "We can do all things ThROUGH Christ who strengthens us".
It will be a year of intentional relationships
A church without relationships is just an education centre.
This cannot be Life Centre.
It will be a year of PLUNDERING the enemies camp. Life Centre is called for such a time as this.
Let's get the anointing through prayer and support and get to work.
It will be a great year in Christ and in growth.
With our LOVE and SUPPORT
Pastor Art and Deb.