Pastor's Thought of the Week

Mar 05/17

Life is a journey that we are all on. I think the worst thing in life is to journey by ourselves. There is a reason there are people we relate to and can trust. Never think there is no one to understand what we are going through. My journey began when I was aprox 25 years old and is still in process at 59 years... Read More

Mar 12/17

God is here for Weyburn. This week as I reflect I think of the family we have been blessed with. I think of how each one of us are unique in our own way and gifting. It is our objective to always be on the lookout for our brothers sisters and all the little brother and sisters. As Christ has always loved us and... Read More

Jan 27/16

Hey church I am so thankful to have you as friends and fellow Christians.  Yesterday was a great day with you all and I believe JESUS is moving on our behalf. It is amazing to see how God loves us all regardless of our social standings and how we feel. There is a restoration of men women and children through the... Read More

Jan 22/17

Call me happy but God is doing things in his church. Yesterday we had such a great time with reports of great things that are happening for the city.  I am so happy to see the new people and the longer term people sitting together and worshipping.  We had the opportunity to have lunch with a local family of 20... Read More

january 15 2017

Good morning church. I want to begin with a thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to have his way in church. Next would be the excitement I feel in our church regarding the love and caring for each other. We are called to love and honour each other in ways beyond what the world does. Acts 2 is an example of how a... Read More

January 01/16

Happy New Years Church. As we enter into the new year we are so blessed to be part of a church that Is a chosen group of Christ Is a group who serves the LORD. Is a group who loves others Is a group who loves to serve OTHERS Is a group who evangelizes OUR region As we walk into next year we must hold tight to the... Read More


December 25/16

The exciting thing about a great church is that it is under the blessing of God.  The word says in Psalm 133:1-3 Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity. (2) It is like the precious oil on the head, running down on  the beard, the beard of Aaron , running down his collar of his... Read More

December 18 2016

Good morning people of God.  Yesterday in Life Centre was an amazing day. Lots of new guest and friends, commitment from our people and a great VISION day. We heard of the great visions from five of our champions for next year and it will bring new life to new friends and champs.  The word states:  Where there is... Read More

December 11 2016

Good Monday Church  After thinking about the lady with afflictions of every type, it is such a pleasure and a blessing from God to have such a great life. As I look back and see the many issues I have dealt with through the strength of God. It is my opinion that there is nothing that we cannot be set free of if we... Read More

December 04 2016

I love living in a house that God built.  Psalm 127:1 gives us the freedom to have our house built by the spirit of God. From foundation to finish it is the spirit of God that builds it with all the right pieces.  The foundation is our salvation The floors and walls are our protection and the roof is our covering.... Read More

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